How to Connect your BPI Express Teller to Paypal.

How To Connect Your BPI Express Teller Card to you Paypal Account

For the benefit of those who are yet to go on the same route, here’s your guide in adding your BPI Express Teller account to your PayPal.

1. Log in to your PayPal account.

2. Go to “Profile” and from the dropdown menu, select “Add/Edit Bank Account.”

3. Click “Add” and fill in all the fields carefully. (Important: The name on your bank account must match the name on your PayPal account. Otherwise, it might be rejected and there would be a return fee of P250.)

  • Bank Name: Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Bank Code (9 digits): 010040018
  • Account Number: (Found at the back of your BPI Express Teller card)
  • Re-enter Account Number:

4. Click Continue and you’re done!

I just wanted to share this information for people who would want to withdraw their mature earnings to their Bank Account. You can connect your BPI Express Teller Account to Paypal, but in order to link your Paypal with empowr, you will need a valid debit or credit card. You can use a Paymaya Virtual Card (Master Card for Smart users, and Visa for Globe Users. I’m not sure about other networks, Union Bank’s EON Card or BPI’s E-Prepaid Card.

 With PayMaya make sure that you have atleast Php 200.00 deposited because Paypal Will check the cards validity. 


Credits to the owner of this post. Whole article can be found here Connect Your BPI Express Teller Card to BPI

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